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tisdag, augusti 21, 2018

söndag, december 11, 2016

Intel Core i7 4820K @ 7800Mhz Stresstest.

Found this screenshot of me overclocking the Intel i7 4820K, yeah i know, it sure looks to good too be true and i guess it is.

But at least this is what the ASUS program reported when it overclocked.


tisdag, november 29, 2016

Moved to a new place.

Alright, so i moved to this new place, gone is the house with all that extra space, i'm actually glad about that though. I mean one room was used basically as a supply/storage-room and man have i collect stuff over the years.

Many trips to the dumpsterplace later and most of the things in nice IKEA-boxes the trip went to the new place. This can best be described as some sort of compact living area and i was against that kind of method before but i have to admit that i now kind of like it, it grows on me so to speak.

Anyways, one of the first things to do arriving here was to reassemble my watercooling loop to get my PC running again. But first i cleaned the three EKWB 360mm XTX radiators and all of the 18 Cougar Vortex 120mm fans, that and the other external devices such as Monsoon 19/13 fittings and so on.

And i wasn't that surprised when i turned on the computer to fill the loop up and it didn't start. It worked when i put the thing in a box when i moved. I feared that the power cables to the pump was broken (the PWM cables sure was, i noticed that along time ago) and i was right so i had to remove the pump and try to open it.

I knew for a fact that one of the screws to the pump was rounded since an earlier intervention with the pump and as a desperate method i grabbed some Allen-keys trying to figure out if i could open it somehow, i could not and now two screws were rounded, so i ended up using a flat screwdriver to get it open, i must have used some magical technique but it worked.

So i started to desolder the four cables, cutting and stripping was also carried out.
The fun part began when i was to solder the freshly cut and stripped cables back onto the PCB, now i ain't no solder king so after some failed attempts i took to YouTube to find some guides, not sure if that helped and several hours later the pump was soldered correctly, not pretty but the cables were in their right places and when i mounted the pump to the system and had everything connected again i turned on the computer.
The pump started! Sweet!

There seems to be some kind of problem with the PWM signal though (the pump is an EKWB DDC 3.2 PWM) but i will take a look on that later on, the system runs smoothly and after the bubbles were gone it's almost like it was before, with the exeption of using only one reservoir, i will change that later and perhaps adding another pump.

 The pictures aren't in high quality but neither is the phone they were taken with. 👍